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Dummen Begonia Disease issues

Update as of 12/22/17:

Dummen has notfied us that they are destroying ALL of their Begonia varieties from the affected South America cutting location. Propagators are now obtaining cuttings for subs from alternate sources. This will affect the amount of subs available.

It is important that customers stay in touch with us regarding the status of Begonia orders and subs available. 

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Order Alert: Dummen Begonias

Dummen is experiencing disease issues with their Begonia stock in South America. We have received notices from our Dummen Begonia sources (see below) that these series will not be available in 2018. Some vendors are making substitutions with similar varieties (i.e. with Begonia ‘Rise Up’ as a sub for N/A Solenia). Keep in mind that vendors are evaluating cuttings available for subs and may need a few days in catching up with the orders.

We urge you to closely review your Begonia orders as the revisions come in. Some vendors MAY NOT sub, and list as “Not Available”. In that case, we can help find acceptable substitutions.


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*Begonia Series affected:
As of 12/18,17, these series are affected:


*see update above

Dummen Begonia Sources:

  *Al’s Garden Center
*C. Raker & Sons
*Fessler Nursery
*MAST Young Plants
*Plug Connection
*Welby Gardens

We will get you details on how your orders are affected as soon as we have worked these through our system.


Pre-Introduction Selecta First Class Samples available 

Selecta First Class has released limited supply samples of their 2019 introductions available through Fessler Nursery.

The liners are offered in split 102’s,  the geraniums in split 104’s (4 x 26), and the Trixis in Lin 50 trays.  Cuttings are in limited supply so orders limited to 50 per variety per ship week.   Liners are available beginning in week 3 through week 20; subject to availability of URC’s.

Shown at left: Argyranthemum LaRita Pink Lemonade

Download a color PDF of all the varieties available

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A new addition to the Popular “Sky” Petunia Series

Petunia Headliner Starry Sky Burgundy

This petunia series boasts a broad range of vibrant colors with a mounding and spreading habit.

Available this 2018 season from Fessler Nursery & Mast Young Plants.

We suspect the other Selecta propagators will be carrying it, but haven’t received official notice yet.


Available in 102 & split 102s, ship dates being worked out now based on orders.

51 tray, weeks 3 – 15
same price as other premium petunia offerings.

Download a MAST Starry Sky  flyer here


It’s Fuchsia Time!

Fuchsias sell our quickly, we recommend ordering now to get your best selection and the early ship dates you need for production.


Popular Fuchsia suppliers:

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Order Senetti’s now

Time is running out to order Senetti’s for early Spring turns.

Find Senettis here:

*Four Star Greenhouses:

**Four Star Senetti 

**Four Star Senetti Booklet

*Fessler Nursery

*Plug Connection

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2018 Season

Now is prime time to place your orders for Spring 2018. Product sells out quickly and availability can be tight, so it’s best to get orders in soon.

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