Our Truck Delivery

WeHoP Truck… hand delivered plants are still very affordable
& competitive with other freight options


We are currently working on our truck rates for 2016. The pricing will be posted as soon as it is ready. If you would like to be notified when our rates become available, email us here.


Download a 2016-17 Truck Calendar

  • Choose from over six different liner product lines
  • Flexible vendor minimums–no need to fill a box
  • Combine your delivery (& maximize your minimum) with specialty product from Petula


Arrange special receive dates, even on Sundays! When special needs arise WeHoP can hold your order for delivery later in the week.
Greenhouse full? Leave your product on a WeHoP rack, unload at your convenience and we’ll pick up on the next ship date.

Consistent Quality

Relax! Your product is handled by WeHoP personnel from the moment of pick up from the vendor; not an uninterested employee from an airline or shipping company.
Plants are transported at a constant 49 degree temperature.

Plants arrive at our warehouses within 48 hours of initial pickup.

Orders are double checked for accuracy and quality. If there are any issues with your order, we’re working on it before you receive it.


petula_web_green_smallMaximize your delivery by combining with specialty product from Petula

Your liners can be delivered with all types of special finish sized product from our sister company, Petula. Our low delivery minimum is $500 for Washington & Oregon, and $750 to ID/MT. This can be reached by combining WeHoP AND Petula plants.

Visit the Petula web site & expand your options.  






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What can you get on
the WeHoP truck?

Syngenta Flowers/GoldFisch
Selecta First Class
Suntory, Fides
Proven Winners
Proven Selections

 Non Patented Herbs
Annuals & Perennials

Annual Seedlings
Begonias, Fuchsias
Grasses, Organics, Tropicals

All in one delivery.

View our truck vendors
and their respective products.