Geranium Guide for 2017

Geraniums are a core component of many commercial growers’ programs. Many options are available depending on your specific needs. We recommend ordering early since the popular varieties sell out early.

The best solution to ensure applicable EOD’s and secure varieties is to rebook your geranium order now from last year and then adjust varieties later.


Email us here to rebook your geranium orders from last year.

See the full list of EOD’s available 


Syngenta genetics

Millstadt Young Plants  EOD

Pacific Growers

C. Raker & Sons EOD

Plug Connection

Welby Gardens

Syngenta Geraniums (URC/Callused) 

Selecta First Class

Fessler Nursery

Millstadt Young Plants  (Double Takes & MoonlightsEOD

Welby Gardens  EOD

C. Raker & Sons EOD 

Geranium Rooted Cutting (Liner) Suppliers

(in alphabetical order)

C. Raker & Sons

  • Syngenta Geraniums & some Vegetative Annuals
  • Dummen Orange Regal Geraniums 18 strip
  • Pac Eisner Regal Geraniums 18 strip
  • Many other lines of Vegetative Annuals
  • 36 strips / Flexible boxing
  • Ships from Michigan, Fed Ex rate priced per plant
  • EOD – 10% discount if booked 12 full weeks prior to ship date

EuroAmerican Propagators 

  • Boldy & Timeless geraniums varieties (Syngenta genetics)
  • Other varieties available
  • 50 cell trays
  • Available on the WeHoP Truck & ships via UPS from Bonsall, CA
  • EOD-2% if booked by 10/15/16

Fessler Nursery

  • Selecta First Class Geraniums & Vegetative Annuals
  • 50 & 102 trays
  • Available on the WeHoP Truck & ships via Fed Ex from Woodburn, OR

Mast Young Plants  no price list available yet

  • Syngenta geraniums & vegetative annuals
  • Selecta First Class vegetative annuals
  • EOD-1.5% if booked by 10/31/16
  • 34 & 51 count trays-12 per box;
  • Mega 50 & 102 trays-4 per box
  • Ships via Fed Ex Standard Overnight from Grand Rapids, MI

Millstadt Young Plants

  • Syngenta geraniums & vegetative Annuals
  • Selecta First Class (Sunrise & Moonlight Geraniums) & vegetative annuals
  • EOD is 9/30/16, ordering early pushes your pricing into the next level.
  • (i.e. Volume 1 orders rec’d before 9/30 will have volume 2 pricing)
  • 100 per variety/tray, 4 tray boxing
  • Ships from Illinois, via Fed Ex. Freight priced per cutting.  

Pacific Growers

  • Syngenta Geraniums & Vegetative Annuals
  • 104/100 – 3/box; 105/100 – 4/box
  • Kwik Kombos: 50 cell trays- 4 /box
  • Ships from Blaine, WA  via Fed Ex or grower truck. 

Plug Connection.

  • Syngenta Geraniums (not all varieties) & Vegetative Annuals
  • 104/100  –  4/box OR no boxing or tray constraints on WeHoP truck
  • Available on the WeHoP Truck & ships from Vista, CA

Welby Gardens

  • Syngenta Geraniums & Vegetative Annuals
  • Selecta First Class Geraniums & Vegetative Annuals
  • Regal Geraniums
  • Dummen Confetti Gardens
  • 104/100  –  4/box 
  • Ships from Denver, CO via Fed Ex or Air Freight.
  • EOD is 10/7/16 – 5% discount  

Unrooted/Callused Cuttings Suppliers

Syngenta Geraniums

  • No EOD
  • Ships from Denver, CO via Fed Ex.



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